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Saturday, August 10th, 2019

With Wakili Oyinola McNeill, MSW, RMT

Join us as we embark on  journey of healing, reharmonizing, and rejuvenation. Learn how to use the natural power of crystals for yourself and your community.
This powerful retreat will give you the knowledge and tools to break through emotional barriers, resolve fears, attain goals, heal, and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.
Join us as we spread crystal love and healing vibrations thoughout our selves and our community. 

Retreat Schedule

August 10th, 2019

Saturday 2-5p


  • History and Background of Crystal Use

  • Selecting the Right Crystals

  • How to Clear, Program, and Charge

  • Crystal Grids and Creating Sacred Space

  • Meditating and Visualizing with Crystals

  • Elixirs and Bath Essences

*Dinner on your own then meet us at Spaworld

Saturday 8- Sunday 8

Spa World Trip $40 Pay Directly to Spaworld


This retreat offers the opportunity to begin your training toward

the Crystal Practitioner Certification. 


Downtown Silver Spring 


Learn, Share, Experience & Heal with a community.

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About ZALTI & Wakili McNeill

Wakili Green Oyinola McNeill, MSW, RMT, IARP is the founder of the Zawadi Arts & Leadership Training Institute (ZALTI), LLC located in Silver Spring, Maryland. ZALTIs mission is to inspire and empower both youth and adult leaders to invest in themselves as well as their communities through: leadership development training; cultural arts & creativity workshops; community organizing & development; and self- discovery.  ZALTI fulfills this mission through three major training and service centers: Healing Arts Institute, Youth Leadership and Professional Development Institute and Cultural Arts Institute.


To learn more about these trainings and workshops call 240-485-8143

















Healing Arts Institute/ Zawadi Pampering & Spa Services


ZALTI, LLC provides pampering and spa services that foster renewal and transformation.  Our services include ancient healing techniques that offer a natural alternative to many western approaches.  The Healing Arts Institute focuses on the mind- body connection and the magnificent ability of the body to heal and regenerate itself.   Zawadi Spa is committed to empowering individuals with the necessary information and tools to gain and maintain a complete sense of self as healers of our communities.  The Healing Arts Institute Curriculum includes the following workshops: Herbology, Fasting/ Detoxification, Meditation Techniques, Aromatherapy, Visioning- 10 steps to Refresh & Redesign your life, Dance of the Chakras and Reiki (service). 


Wakili Green is a Reiki Master, Certified Yogafit Instructor, Herbalist, Energetic Literacy Coach, and Wellness Consultant

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